Wednesday, February 22, 2017

'You May Just Be A Dinosaur' by Heather Macht: BOOK REVIEW

I LOVE Twitter and the connections it has given me. Recently, by the very grace of God, I met an author named Heather Macht who followed me on Twitter. Heather is a children's author and in 2015 released the children's story; 'You May Just Be A Dinosaur'.

Curious, because my kids LOVE Dinosaur's, I checked out the trailer for her book. I had NO idea that trailers for book releases even existed!!! You can check it out here: You May Just Be A Dinosaur Trailer

Watching that video prompted me to go onto Amazon and purchase the book for my kids. I knew it was something they would enjoy.

'You May Just Be A Dinosaur' is an adorably crafted children's story about trying to discover if YOU could be a dinosaur. As you read the story to your child you can ask them questions about what they eat, how they go to school, and more and see if they compare closely with being a dinosaur. It's a funny story all while learning new facts that even myself knew nothing about in regards to dinosaurs.

I encourage to check it out and broaden even further your child's imagination and their love of the creatures that once roamed our earth. Don't take my word for it....choose for yourself!

You can find this book by the multiple links found on the authors website.
or follow my example and purchase from Amazon

If you're interested in following Heather on Twitter, I'm sure she would LOVE to get to know you and share many of her works that are sure to come.

*I obtain nothing for this review, I'm simply doing it out of the kindness of my heart and my love for this story. This will be front and center on our bookshelf and a nightly family read.*

I'd also love to point out the illustrations in this book are suburb. The amazing art work is done by: Jason Gillard

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